| Ashley Parsons | 

Since we moved into our home, four years ago, I have been looking for a sweet little saying to put on the arch that is over the nook in our kitchen. You know, something that every time I look up at it I am reminded, reassured, and re-inspired. The first saying I nearly committed to was, “Don’t Mind the Mess, the Children Are Making Memories.” I do, still, really love this one. First of all, I get to pretty much justify any mess in the house because, really, who is going to question the making of memories by my sweet little cherubs? Also, it reminds my husband and I that it is good to stop and enjoy the moment. I much prefer enjoying the moment to cleaning. Every time. Always. My husband, maybe not....

Soon, I started thinking about putting something spiritual up there, like, “We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience” or something a little sappy, like, “Laugh Often, Live Fully, Love Deeply.” Sometimes, the words are meant for me: “Breathe;” “Change Is the Only Constant.” Other times, they are meant for my husband: “Trust the Process;” “Let Your Heart Guide You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully.” Even others, the words are meant for my children: “Show Up, Be Brave, Be Kind and then Rest and Repeat” or “Maid Is Off Duty, Get It Yourself!” There are some days I want to put the lyrics to an entire song up there.

I am not sure if it was fear to commit, or fear people might judge, or if I simply haven’t found “the one” yet. But, I still have not stenciled any wise words. In the meantime, I started hanging my friends Christmas cards on the arch. First, it was to add a little color to the empty space, and then to add a little company to my kitchen. Every time I look up at the arch, I have my whole crew looking back at me. I can imagine, for a moment, what they might be doing at that very same time and it creates a little virtual connection. First, I would leave the cards up until Valentine’s Day, then it became until Easter. Now, I just leave them up year round until I get the next batch.

What I am learning, as time goes by, is that each day, sometimes, each moment, I might need a new set of words to guide me through. And then, the words I need, may be different from what my husband and children might need. If it is an especially trying time or funny time, I pick up the phone to call one of those wonderful friends and they help me process or share in my laughter. Usually, during our conversation, they have a new morsel of wisdom that becomes, for that given time, my words to live by. 


Do you have words you live by?  Just a few?  Or, like me, many that change day-to-day?  What is your one saying or favorite among many? Share it with someone. Tell them why you love it - why it helps remind, reassure and re-inspire you. Or, if you've never thought about it, do so now: think about your daily living and wonder, "What words do I live by? What words do I want to live by?" Then, share it with someone, and ask them to help keep you accountable to your vision.