Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of WAYfinding's name?

The "way" in WAYfinding refers to the way of love, of compassion, of openheartedness that transcends our particular beliefs. It is about a way of being in the world. We're also intentionally "playing off" wayfinding's technical definition: all the ways in which travelers orient themselves in physical space and navigate forward. Combining these, WAYfinding speaks to helping folks find the signs and guideposts that work for them as they live into a life of compassion.   


Is WAYfinding associated with a denomination, church, faith, etc.?

WAYfinding has no particular denominational, church or faith association. 

It is important to note, though, WAYfinding's Founder & Director, Anne Williamson, was raised in, formed by, and received her religious education primarily on the Christian faith. Therefore, despite her inclusive intention, her "Christian accent" can be heard in the blog posts and curriculums she writes.     


Who is welcome?

Absolutely everyone! All ages, genders, races, nationalities, orientations, etc. are welcome.  

Concerning religious beliefs, no requirements here as well. We have folks who are rooted in a particular faith tradition and folks who are not. People with more concrete ideas about God and many questioning God's existence. If you're interested in the way of compassion, that's enough.   


So, what do you believe?

Go to almost all faith community websites, and you'll find statements of belief. We're not going to do this.  

WAYfinding is not about belief. It's about discovering and living into a way of being in the world: the way of love, of compassion, of openheartedness. This doesn't mean we don't have beliefs, have faith. We do! And, it doesn't mean we don't talk about them. We do this too. We just think different folks can hold different, even mutually exclusive, beliefs about God, and still journey together into a life of compassion. It's an experiment, it's challenging at times, but it's also full to the brim with gifts and grace.  

For the persistent among you, though, this quote from Martin Buber may be as close as WAYfinding comes to a statement of belief:

The commandment, ‘Thou shalt not make unto thee an image,’ does not, of course, refer merely to sculptured or painted images, but to our fantasy, to all the power of our imagination as well. But we are forced time and again to make images, and forced to destroy them when we realize that we have not succeeded. The images topple, but the voice is never silenced.... The voice speaks in the guise of everything that happens, in the guise of all world events; it speaks to all generations, makes demands upon us, and summons us to accept responsibility.... It is of the utmost importance not to lose one’s openness. But to be open means not to shut out the voice - call it what you will. It does not matter what you call it. All that matters is that your hear it.
— Martin Buber, Jewish philosopher (as quoted by Marcus Borg, Christian theologian)