WAYfinding is about helping you love better. We want you to discover a faith that works for you and is good for the world. To this end, we create open spaces for you to intentionally wonder, question and dialogue, and practice compassionate, openhearted living.  


We call these spaces WAYgroups.  

WAYgroups meet weekly, for 10 weeks, to discuss and practice topics such as healthy living, spiritual practices and seeking justice. Discussions are "kick started" by videos, questions, articles, sacred texts, art, etc. Or, we may simply go out and practice together - like serving others or walking a labyrinth. We also create space for community, prayer and/or meditation, and setting an intention for the coming week based on the conversation or experience.

WAYgroups consist of 7-10 folks and meet at different locations and times throughout the week. 

More on WAYgroups can be found here.

Down the road, we anticipate some additional offerings such as workshops, talks, projects, etc. Until then, another great way to connect and be inspired is through our weekly LISTEN+LEARN+LOVE blog. Sign up here!  

For a detailed look at how we imagine the WAYfinding journey, click on the bike.  


We think there are a number of unique reasons to "check out" WAYfinding:

  • Honestly nonjudgmental space for exploration and questioning.
  • Doesn't assume or require (ever) a certain set of beliefs.
  • Does assume you can begin today, wherever you're "at," practicing a compassionate way of being in the world.
  • Holistic process that integrates and honors your whole life: the "traditionally" spiritual and not.
  • Honestly open to all people. Opportunity to learn from diverse voices.
  • Intentional about teaching and practicing stillness, critical thought, discernment and courage.  
  • Organized opportunities to serve and seek justice.


Contact us, generally. We'd love to answer questions, set-up a coffee, etc.  

Fill out our WAYgroups Interest Form.  

Check out our FAQs page.