| Anne Williamson |

Invitation is tough. It involves risk, courage, vulnerability… Will they hear and like my ideas? Will he say, “Yes”? Can I communicate my vision? Am I a good leader? Appreciated member of the team? Does she value my friendship like I value hers? Does he value me? Will they care as much as I do? Will they be fair? Will she show up? Gladly? Lovingly?

Often, these are questions to which we’re not sure we want the answers. Past experiences, current insecurities, ignorance, all make us wary of extending that invitation, of extending ourselves. It’s far easier and much safer simply not to ask. 

For all we risk in invitation, though, the alternative is actually far riskier. The alternative is never knowing what could be, what may be already. Often, it’s loneliness. For some, it becomes cynicism, bitterness. The alternative is a friendship that slowly dies, a partnership that never becomes what it could. The alternative is communities divided, stuck singing to the choirs. The alternative is us – you and me – missing out on the breadth of human experiences and perspectives. It’s us missing out on life.

So, what do we do? How do we gain the courage to repeatedly risk invitation? And, when we do risk it, how can we increase our chances it will “go well”?

These are exactly the questions we’ll be exploring in WAYfinding groups this week and next. I’d love for you to add your voice! This week we’ll be inspired by the unlikely friendship between a poet environmentalist and the CEO of a timber company. We’ll also discuss shifting from a perspective of “going well” to “being well.”

Next week is our first community week event of this round. The good and wise folks at the Peace Learning Center will be leading us through a workshop where we’ll learn how to invite and sit at the table with those, particularly, with whom we disagree. Details below and on Facebook. Our community week events are always open to the public; you need not be participating in a group. Children 5+ years old are also welcome to take part in a workshop designed specifically for them.    


Saturday, February 6, 10:30a - 12:00p
Peace Learning Center: Eagle Creek Park, 6040 Delong Road (46254)

In collaboration with the Peace Learning Center, participants will complete a 90-minute interactive workshop in which you will:

  • Discover the problems around assumptions
  • Determine your own and discuss conflict management styles
  • Minimize stress by understanding your own triggers and reactions, and learning management techniques
  • Review the “flight, fright, freeze” stimulus-response model
  • Discuss ways in which workshop learnings apply to the communities of which you’re a part

Children 5+ years old are invited to attend their own workshop involving art projects, a nature walk and age-appropriate conversation on the above topics. If you plan to bring a child/children, please let us know how many and their ages.

We hope you'll add your voice! RSVP on Facebook or to

Suggested Donation:
$10 - $20 adults
$5 - $10 children