I've been thinking a lot about happiness lately... and not just because I love the Pharrell song. Namely, how does one "get" happy? Perhaps it is the consequence of circumstance. Or, one's natural disposition. Maybe it's more like an object, floating in and out of our life "willy nilly" at the whim of our subconscious. Or, maybe it's a choice. Perhaps a choice hindered or bolstered by other choices, daily, minute-to-minute even. LISTEN, LEARN, LOVE...


|  "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
-  Mahatma Gandhi

Sit with these words a moment. Be still. What do you hear? Meditate. Pray. Wonder. Keep listening...


Simply Happy : TED Radio Hour : NPR 
(Podcast available)

What resonated for you? Share it... with a partner, friend, dog, God, etc. Keep listening. Then...


Do something. Try a new way. Actively love another, yourself, God... by setting an intention for the coming week. Maybe you feel inspired to incorporate a suggestion you heard from the TED speakers.  

My suggestion... For the next 4 minutes, play the Pharrell video and get in touch with your inner happy. Maybe even grab a partner, pet or child to join you. Simple, yes. But see if your heart can't help but open a little more, and then love from there. Powerful.