Thank you for your interest in learning more about WAYfinding! WAYfinding is open to all faiths and secular perspectives. In fact, we think exploring the big questions amid diversity is key to helping us grow in love. 

WAYfinding is group-based. Most of our groups have 7-10 people and meet for 2 hours each week. Our groups meet in homes because it's comfortable and allows us to offer time for breathing/meditating/praying.  

We have many groups located across the Indianapolis area, and a group in Portland, OR.

Spring Round 2018

The spring round begins the week of April 2nd and runs for 5 weeks. Check out the topic and cost details below. Sign up here.


This winter we asked the question, "What is g/God?" This spring we continue asking this question but through the lens of the practical. That is, if we take seriously the idea that g/God may not be a Super Being capable of "making it all better," what then does this mean for our lives day in day out? What does it mean for our fear and our love? How do we define faith? To what, for what reasons, do we pray, meditate, engage in rituals and traditions? How do our new definitions of g/God translate into politics and activism, into community, forgiveness? This round (as always with WAYfinding) is about living into the questions and finding our way through doing so. Hope you'll add your voice!

Tuesdays, 12:00 - 1:45p (SoBro - Indianapolis) (Facilitators: Ashley & Laura)
Wednesdays, 10:45a - 12:30p (SoBro - Indianapolis) (Facilitators: Bre, Carolyn & Rick)
Wednesdays, 7:00 - 9:00p (Downtown - Indianapolis) (Facilitator: Susan)
Wednesdays, 7:45 - 9:30p (Portland, OR) (Facilitator: Jessica)
Thursdays, 7:00 - 9:00p (Meridian Hills - Indianapolis) (Facilitators: Anne & Mary Catharine)


For those who can afford it, there is a cost with the WAYfinding experience. For each 5-week round, we ask you make an investment in yourself of $35 - $95. It's a sliding scale; you pay what you can. And, if you can't pay, simply select our Scholarship Fund when signing up - that's all there is to it. Invest online here

Or, you may become a sustaining member of WAYfinding by making a recurring donation of at least $30 per month. This option is not just an investment in yourself - all rounds are included - but in others. Your recurring donation (or quarterly/yearly, if you prefer) helps us sponsor new and existing participants, "get the word out," invest in public speakers and new programs, etc. You can learn more about our different investment levels here